Says Whut?: Ghostface Killah Commerical Hyping Up His Doll/Action Figure

Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan has a commerical hyping up his $400 doll/action figure/collectible...

Just peep out this joint because I truly have no words (NSFW by the way - keep the speakers low)...

* dead * as hell at the quotables and visuals on this joint:

GFK saying "Your kids will f***ing love it!"

Using the jail phone to call up for one (how, on commisary?)

The GFK doll having the "Special Delivery RMX" video (quite possibly one of the last great Bad Boy Records videos and remixes) gear with the robe and jewelery with the big a** eagle bracelet and the gold plate medallion.

The GFK doll's rap quotable on the commerical saying “Remember when I long-d**ked you and broke ya f*ckin’ ovary?” and the little girls facial expression after hearing it.

First peeped at on A Hot Mess and Nah Right