FlashBack Video of the Day: Lil' Vicious feat. Doug E. Fresh

I ran into this video while doing a Doug E. Fresh search on Youtube on a random humbug.

With this video, I did not know:

1. The cat who did this song as a young a** boy (or hell, a boy period) - this cat looks like he's 7 talking about "freak of the week", getting some and whatnot (and when you actually listen to the song, it's like whoa, young boy got off saying a lot of mess on the FCC airwaves due to that accent) - lol.

2. Doug E. did beatbox to this joint (and was really killing it)

3. This song even HAD a video to this track at all.

4. Damned if they didn't find any freaks on the beach and the carnival at this joint (well, for that time).

This was one of those dancehall joints in the early to mid-1990s you would always hear in someone's reggae set along with Capelton's Tour and Chaka Demus' Murder She Wrote or some such thing.

I don't know what's really good with Lil' Vicious lately, but found he has a MySpace page (posted below) where his grown folk pictures still have him looking crazy fresh faced and seems to still be recording.

Doug E. Fresh is still performing and recording everywhere as a beatbox master.

Here you go:

Lil' Vicious feat. Doug E. Fresh - Freaks

Lil' Vicious MySpace Page
Lil' Vicious Wikipedia Listing
Doug E. Fresh Official MySpace Page
Doug E. Fresh Official Website


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Lil Vicious was so young at the time when that song was out. It takes me back to the days when Reggae Gold stayed in rotation for me.

Anonymous said...
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