MySpace 8 - Week 5

Since MySpace has pretty much become an important part of music artists promoting themselves (if for no other reason, its free to setup something that looks decent and can play your music to the masses), and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast has started going a weekly segment where we highlight eight music artists who do we personally feel are on point doing quality Black Music of various genres.

Folks over here are pretty much on MySpace every day checking artists out, but if you feel we're missing you, hit us up at the MySpace Page or at our e-mail at

We have some sample music tracks from each MySpace 8 artist up on here now for folks to listen to - check out their MySpace pages for more cool joints and other information.

Here we go - hope you enjoy the music on here and can support these and other worthy music artists on the scene:

Bazaar Royale
Genre: Soul/Hip Hop/Rock
MySpace Page:

Bazaar Royale's interesting blend of Soul and Rock music styles (that he calls "Ghetto Metal") definitely makes him an interesting artist for folks to check out.

He's put in work with music artists in the past and present from Hip-Hop MC DMX (who's Bloodline Records label he is now signed to) to the 1990s Da Bassment Collective, which featured Missy Elliott, producer Timbaland and R&B artist Ginuwine.

Along with our selected single, "Get It Out Your Brain", also check out "Dream" and "Thanks" on his MySpace page.

Bazaar Royale - Get It Out Your Brain

Amanda Ray
Genre: Alternative/Ambient/Electronica
MySpace Page:

Amanda Ray's music to me is best described as a blend of electronica music backgrounds of folks like early Massive Attack with a touch of jazzy and soulful vocal stylings. It's definitely some laid back, soundtrack style sort of music folks can chill out to.

Along with the pick of "Body of Gold", check out her track "Ripple Junction" to get an idea of where Amanda Ray is at.

Amanda Ray - Body of Gold

Ben Jacobs
Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

I'm feeling this G-Unit Philly Records affiliate MC due to him having his own vibe and style of rhyming - Ben Jacobs is not doing the copycat styles that some Hip-Hop cats are doing as of late who come on board with any popular clique of the hour (a.k.a. the "Clones R Us" style - boo).

You definitely get a solid East Coast street Hip-Hop vibe from his tracks and good flavor to keep folks interested.

Besides the "Vanilla Dutch" single we have below, check out Ben Jacobs on the Public Enemy #1 Sampling "G-Unit Philly" track on his MySpace page.

Ben Jacobs - Vanilla Dutch

Cymarshall Law
Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

Cymarshall Law has been on the independent Hip-Hop grind for a while in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas for a few years, steadily building up a loyal worldwide fanbase with live performances and releases for his style of blending the old school and new school MC vibs of Hip-Hop music.

I first ran into him while doing the FuseBox Radio Broadcast around the late 1990s with his group Everliven Sound and am happy to see his growth as a quality music artist.

Right now, he as a LP release on the Rawkus label, Hip-Hop in the Flesh, available for folks to check out.

One of the singles from an upcoming release, Control feat. KRS-One, is the track chosen by for getting an idea of the direction that Cymarshall Law is coming from. Also, feel free to check out "Rush To The Front" on the MySpace.

KRS-One feat. Cymarshall Law - Control

Genre: New Wave/Soul/Reggae
MySpace Page:

This unsigned UK singer, songwriter and bandleader's music has a soulful and reggae influenced (more on the drum and bass/2 Step/house end of things) vibe with her creations.

Besides our chosen track, "More Than A Feeling", check out "Sunrise" on her MySpace page to get a taste of her musical direction that wants to make folks groove and dance.

Duchess - More Than A Feeling

Subliminal Orphans
Genre: Hip Hop/Rock/Jam Band
MySpace Page:

Subliminal Orphans do what half of these so-called "rap-rock" bands were/are supposed to do, but actually do it well - reaching true appeal without watering things down.

This live Hip-Hop band consists of 7 members from the diverse areas of the Poconos, West Philly and South Orange, NJ whose blend of life experiences and musical influences make a great mix of music for the average head to groove off of.

The chosen track by the group, "Good Shoes", gives a solid foundation of what Subliminal Orphans is about musically. Also check out the track "STFU" feat. B-Real of Cypress Hill on their MySpace page to see what's good.

Subliminal Orphans - Good Shoes

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap/Breakbeat
MySpace Page:

Precise is a Brooklyn, NY Hip-Hop MC and actress blends all of her talents well with her expressive music.

She has various mixtape projects out and with her affiliation with the Divine Mill record label, it looks like there is a lot of good things coming from here in the future.

Folks over here chose the "Buddy RMX" with Heavy D and Musiq to highlight Precise's flow, which I feel is reminiscent of that old school Hip-Hop feel good and playful vibe of past female Hip-Hop MCs like Salt-N-Pepa and MC Lyte. We also recommend to check out the "G.O.O.D. Music" freestyle up on her MySpace page.

Precise feat. Heavy D & Musiq - Buddy RMX

Genre: Soul/Disco House/R&B
MySpace Page:

Davina is best known in the mainstream for her soul hit back in the early 1990s, "So Good" (both the original and the remix with Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan) is still doing great work on the independent scene and has some current releases out there for the masses to check out.

Give a listen to one of those tracks that we posted up on here, "Let's Stay Together" and also check out "What's Going On" on her MySpace page.

Davina - Let's Stay Together