FlashBack Video Of The Day: Public Enemy

To counterbalance the train wreck that Flavor Flav's next reality show, Flavor of Love 3, looks like is going to be, I just wanted to do a flashback from definitively the BEST message/conscious Hip-Hop group of all time to the present, Public Enemy.

Editor's Note O' Disclosure: I HAVE watched earlier incarnations of the show before and even enjoyed it, but frankly, its just gotten to be a bit wack and stale, even without all of the crazy racial undertones the joint has of possible all sexes coonery of why maybe I shouldn't watch. I'm no prude and think that we all know "reality" TV is pretty much that B.S. anyway for guilty pleasure watching.

Public Enemy is the Hip-Hop Long Island, NY group started out in the 1980s with MC Chuck D, MC/Hypeman Flavor Flav, Minister of Information Professor Griff, DJ Terminator X, the SW1s and great sample-heavy production by the Bomb Squad (Hank & Keith Shocklee and Eric "Vietnam" Sadler).

"Give It Up" was on the next to last album (the last one was the sountrack to the Spike Lee Movie, He Got Game), Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age, that Public Enemy did on the Def Jam label before going independent with the founding of the Slamjamz label. Through Slamjamz, Public Enemy was one of the first labels to hit the digitial distribution route with sales of mp3s.

This history of P.E. is VERY deep from triumphs to controversies, but they're still putting out solid albums and touring to this day.

Check out the video and enjoy! :)

Public Enemy - Give It Up

Bonus Video: Public Enemy feat. Scott Ian - Intro + Bring the Noise (Live At Rock The Bells Concert July 2007)

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