Interesting Links

Eddie Murphy & Tracie Edmonds Wedding Picture (her eyes are saying something in the milk isn't clean about that situation to me for some reason) - Taken from Rhymes With Snitch

Recession in the US 'Has Arrived' - BBC News

U.S. Federal Court Revives No Child Left Behind Funding Suit - Black America Web

U.S. Presidential Election #1: Were Magic Johnson’s Hands Greased by Senator Clinton for U.S. Presidential Endorsement? -

U.S. Presidential Election #2: DC Voting Rights Tour: First Stop, New Hampshire - The Nation

U.S. Presidential Election #3: Opinon: Hillary Clinton: Vote For Me Or I'm Going To Cry - Eddie Griffin's Bag

U.S. Presidential Election #4: Irish Americans (& Native Ireland Folks) for Obama Giving Props in Ireland (Video) - RTE (Irish National Television)

Ego Exercises Arise In West Va. Rape-Torture Case (SMH) - Finall Call

Suspicious Minds: How A Ragtag Group Of Conspiracy Nuts Is Changing Public Perception Of 9/11 - RADAR

Former Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, Gives The Congressional Black Caucus A Briefing About The Importance Of Treating ADHD - Chaotic Order, Living With ADD

For My D.C. Area Football Fans: Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs Abruptly Resigns - MSN/Fox Sports

You KNOW If Barry Bonds Was Denying Baseball Steriod Use Like Roger Clemens Did On TV, He Would Have Been Under The Jail ASAP As A Lying Negro - CBS/60 Minutes

If Youtube Is Your Main Form of Entertainment In Comparison to America's Top Model Marathons, Panasonic and Google's Internet TV Launches Are For You - MSNBC

WTF News #1: Man Booted From Bar For Having Gold Teeth? - Video

WTF News #2 (Yet Cool): Boy Scout Foils Attack On Maldives President - CNN

This Is New To Me: Doug E. Fresh Is A Scientologist?! Here Is A Video Of Him Doing A Scientology Ditty -

Mariah Carey Says She Would Rather Duet With A Pig Than Jennifer Lopez (Damn Homey...) - D-Listed

Breaking News: XXL Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Fired - SOHH

Charm School Winner and Flavor of Love 2 Contestant Saaphyri Promotes "Lip Chap" a.k.a. Bootleg Chapstick * crickets * - Crunk + Disorderly