Shameless Self-Promotion: Gets Some Blog Lovin' & New DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio Mixtape Coming Soon

First off, we definitely need to give love to the folks over at the Oh Hell Nawl for giving the family and the FuseBox Radio Broadcast a shoutout and some love (which makes me happy that there are people who read this joint and my ramblings since we began).

Check out the article about folks here (and their other postings as well).

They are a dope blog with mad humor, cool commentary and a good community of heads working over there (and the comment section will have you in tears after reading some of the writing), so definitely give the Oh Hell Nawl peoples a visit ASAP.

Next up, your lady DJ Fusion of and the FuseBox Radio Broadcast will be having a mixtape on the streets and the Internets soon promoting this young talented Hip-Hop MC from Delaware, Khary Shi'ar.

We'll post up the mixtape cover, tracklisting, podcast and download links as soon as possible up here and on our MySpace pages, which if folks haven't had the chance yet, give us a holler/add us on/whatever at: Official MySpace Page
FuseBox Radio Broadcast Official MySpace Page

In the meantime, check out Khary Shi'ar on his MySpace page.