Quickie U.S. Presidential Election Race Commentary With O RLY Owls' Assistance

U.S. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton A Few Days Ago....Talking About Taking On the Burden of Running As A Woman As U.S. President and Whatnot Amongst A Lot of Women:

She Was Geniunely Sad/Worried/Concerned Etc. and Not Being Manipulative, Right?

U.S. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton After Winning N.H. Democratic Party Primary

Ms. Clinton:

Policial Manipulation at it's finest...use a real political and societial issues just enough to get by (the treatment and double standards of women in the States)...

* slow claps *

You know Barack Obama is the one on the right keeping his cool and Hillary and/or Bill Clinton are on the left in this picture looking all geeked out and happy, plotting and planning the next steps in the game:

(Note: Yes, I have discovered and used the O RLY Owl...sue me)

Anway, there's a whole lot of time and states of voting to go with these U.S. Presidental Primaries (before there is the Big Show of the Presidential Election), so we'll see where things go....

And, um, where are the Independent Politial Parties at? Isn't this a free democracy?

* falls out laughing to keep from crying *