Video: Heavy Vee - I Don't Need A Hook

I got this passed onto me a few days ago...this is from a 16 year old sister from Asbury Park, NJ doing her thing on the mic and the dancing (hell, I haven't been able to do a split since I was ten) on this joint.

Her name is Heavy Vee and she recently signed with a label more known for pushing out rock folks, Razor & Tie.

Plus, you can't beat this quote from homegirl in this age of toothpick-like women and dudes with six-packs drowned in baby oil & eyebrow plucking about what folks are about:

"I want to represent for the big girls as well as boys worldwide and wants them to know that if they dream it, they can do it!"

You can't beat that confidence with a baseball bat - if nothing else, you have to give her that.

I'm feeling the song...what do you all think?

Heavy Vee - I Don't Need A Hook

Heavy Vee - I Don't Need A Hook mp3 download (dirty version)

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