Interesting Links

Read About This Frog (This Isn't Photoshopped) at Metro.Co.UK

George Bush Pushing for Middle East Peace Treaty (Yet Has Started 2 Wars IN The Middle East * rolls eyes at hypocrisy *) - Via Yahoo

Big Brother R Us: REAL ID Is About To Be In Full Effect: New Security Rules for Driver's Licenses - Washington Post

U.S. Presidential Election #1: Democratic Candidates Obama & Clinton Go For Black Vote in South Carolina - Yahoo

U.S. Presidential Election #2: Barack, Hillary, and the Sinister Nothingness of “Change” - Black Agenda Report

WTF News #1: FBI Wiretaps Dropped Due to Unpaid Phone Bills -

South Africa's Police Chief and Head Of Interpol 'To Be Charged' With Corruption - BBC

Negro Please: Last New Jersey Jail Escapee Otis Blunt Brought Back From Mexico; Brags Could Have Stayed on Run Forever ( * rolls eyes* ) - Daily News

WTF News #2: Accused DC Mom Said Her 4 Murdered Childern Found In Her Home Had Demons - CNN

WTF News #3: Dog-Poop Footprint Leads Police To Crash Suspect - MSNBC

BET Spoof from The Boondocks - AverageBro

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Busts A Little MC Rhyme Ditty With ?uestLove of The Roots - Philadelphia Inquirer

Kanye West's Mother, Dr. Donda West's Death Report Is Inconclusive - Fox News Philadelphia

So Much For The Benefits Of Being Oprah's Side Piece: Steadman Is Not In Oprah's Will - Bossip

Wyclef Accused Of Copyright Infringement For Sample Use of Blahzay Blahzay’s "Danger" Without Permission (SMH @ Cat's STILL Not Paying For Sample Clearance) -

Bobby Brown Faces More Drug Charges * yawn * - Crunk + Disorderly

Paula Abdul In Talks To Do The Superbowl Halftime Show Just To Up The Wackness Factor To Counterbalance Mary J Blige - D-Listed

Crank Them Ringtone Sales: Soulja Boy Sets Record Selling 3 Million Downloads - SOHH

Random C- Through F-Lister "Stars" Tila Tequila, Lisa Rinna, Andy Dick, and Niecy Nash Get Free Stuff For Golden Globes - A Socialite's Life

Speaking of Random C- Through F-Lister "Stars", American Idol Watch: Sanjaya's Coming Back - Page Six