Shameless Self-Promotion - DJ Fusion & Khary Shi'ar: Wipeout Mixtape Podcast

What's good everyone,

Hope that the weekend will be good for folks...

Here is a podcast ready mp3 link of a mixtape that your lady DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio/ has finished up with an up and coming Delaware Hip-Hop MC, Khary Shi'ar...

Give some constructive feedback if you can at the MySpace pages and hope that folks enjoy this joint - we should have this uploaded on soon! :)

khary shiar frontkhary shiar back

DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio/ & Khary Shi'ar: Wipeout - Link to Podcast Page

Direct Download Link for mp3 (right click and "save as")

Mixtape Download as Zip File (on SendSpace) - for a limited time


1. Open Up Shop Freestyle
2. Where I'm From Freestyle
3. Temp Is Rising Freestyle
4. Get Away Freestyle
5. Back Again Freestyle
6. I Shot Ya Freestyle
7. C-Squad Family Freestyle
8. Come Home Wit' Me Freestyle
9. That's How It Is
10. M.W.P. Freestyle
11. Alright Freestyle
12. No Underground Love
13. It's not Right Freestyle
14. Paid In Full
15. Royal Flush Freestyle
16. Gear Up Freestyle
17. Middle Finga - Varsity Blaze feat. Khary Shi'ar
18. Trappin' Freestyle
19. License To Kill Freestyle

Khary Shi'ar Official MySpace page Official MySpace Page

DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio Broadcast/ Official MySpace Page


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