FlashBack Videos of the Day: Bounty Killa & Buju Banton

What's good everyone,

I haven't done a Reggae Music centered Flashback Video in a while, so I decided to do one that hits up 2 great Dancehall Reggae artists doing some quality 1990s era Hip-Hop collabos and remixes (since after all, all forms of Black Music are related and whatnot) that I hope folks enjoy.

Bounty Killer

First off, I was digging through the music collection and re-discovered the Bounty Killer My Xperience album (hard as hell to find now in distribution or rotation for some reason).

Giving it a listen (a very dope hardcore Dancehall album), it was a wonder that I completely forgot about this single with the Fuguees which today is STILL that fire and ridiculously insanely good.

For some reason, all of the mp3 retailers (Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.) I hit up didn't have this particular mp3 for sale at ALL - I don't know if it's a sample clearance thing, company issues or what, but we had to make it available for y'all.

Bounty Killa feat. The Fugees - Hip-Hopera

Bounty Killa feat. The Fugees - Hip-Hopera mp3 Download

Buju Banton

Listening to the Bounty Killer album made me think about Buju Banton's Champion album, which to me is a classic and has some great roots and dancehall vibes to it.

This remix of the title track has that West Coast Hip-Hop music vibe to it - give it a listen and a download.

Buju Banton - Champion RMX

Buju Banton - Champion RMX mp3 Download

Bounty Killer Official MySpace Page
Bounty Killer Official Website

Buju Banton Official MySpace Page

Buju Banton Official Website


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propz on this article/mixtape.