Says Whut? - Corporation Doing A Big F*** Effort For Black History Month

I peeped this out on the Listen To Leon Blog today while readying some music and whatnot for next week and received an insane amout of e-mails about this way the drugstore chain Walgreens is acknowledging Black History Month...

To the folks over at Walgreens from

Black Folks impact in the U.S.A. getting acknowledged by a product like good ol' cotton...

* Hmph *

The only thing that could have made this more bizarre was if it was posted up next to some whips, kerchiefs and burlap sacks.

I'm wondering if this was some sort of corporate mandate (if you're near a Walgreens, is this in your area?) or some tired and annoyed employee half-a**ing it and just being in a rush.

Either or way, it's not a good look and SMH to this joint.

And folks wonder WHY Black People should be up in arms in 2008 about just the basic acknowledgment, much less respect and education for all, for the role and impact Black Folks played in the U.S. (that free labor sure did a lot for the infranstructure, so say the least).

Hell, do Black Folks need a better lobby or something going down to get some props?

* sighs *