Video: Barack Obama & Others - Yes We Can

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However one feels about the entire U.S. Presidential race and politics in general, one can't deny the spark that Democratic candidate Barack Obama is giving a lot of folks of different backgrounds (especially the youth) to get involved in voting, trying to have some hope for something different and the political process in general.

This music video is just one example - check all of the stars, etc. up in this pretty creative joint that Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas got in the mix:

Barack Obama & Others - Yes We Can

All of my U.S. peoples who's states are going to be voting on "Super Tuesday", we folks over at just wanted to advise folks to make an educated and wise decision on the political folks who are going to be put out there on your ballots, regardless of party affiliation and to keep folks in check from messing up your true vote.