Flashback Video of the Day: Rebbie Jackson

Because it is quiet as hell at my 9 to 5 and I am trying to fight off running away before the shift is over (and they do give me the blessing of using the 'net when it's slow to do this blog), here is a flashback video grabbed up during my Dailymotion and Youtube surfing:

Rebbie Jackson - Centepide

Rebbie Jackson - Centipede mp3 Download

This music video is a total damned mess - but yet is cool as hell to me due to my 1980s nostalgia vibe - due to:

1. The random fake a** thunder bolts in the entire joint
2. The LED-ready glowing centipede
3. The 20+ white boys not doing anything at all in their tuxedos besides having a hard time doing dance motions and whatnot in rhythm
4. The Dolla Sto (yes, sto not store) snake on the pool table being moved by a string
5. Rebbie's dramatic facial expressions (is it that deep Rebbie, really?)
6. Random a** tiger there probably borrowed from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

And I'm sure other things I'm not seeing right now...

This song is totally the business with the groove and things to this day for me and from my knowledge, was the biggest hit from this oldest sister from the Jackson clan (of the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, etc.).

Plus, folks have to give Rebbie props for keeping herself out of trouble and/or looking crazy in the past few years unlike some of her fam.

I know the Black Music Oldie Radio Stations in the DC metro area play this joint to DEATH during those rush hour mixshows like the mp3 is going out of style.

Hope y'all enjoy!

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