Interesting Links

Happy St. Patrick's Day: Some Random Foolishness from A Few Years Back On The "News" With Random Black Folk Talking About Seeing a Leprechaun In The Hood (click here if you can't see it)

Stock Markets Around The Globe Have Numbers Falling (a.k.a. More Expensive Everything) - BBC

Half New Orleans Poor Permanently Displaced: Failure or Success? - Black Agenda Report

Forced Out: Investigation of Real Estate Battles Over Changing Old Buildings (And Residents) To Condominums (And New Residents) - Washington Post

U.S. Presidential Election #1: Smearing Obama
- The Nation

U.S. Presidential Election #2: Commentary: The Wright Dust-Up Shows and Proves That Many Whites Don’t Know Black People at All - Black America Web

U.S. Presidential Election #3: Hillary and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy:The Strange Case Of Conservative Pundits And Their Love For Barack Obama - Village Voice

10 Ideas That are Changing the World - Time Magazine

How the Patriot Act Snagged Eliot Spitzer (And His Ho) - Newsweek

Tupac Shakur Atttack Known In Advance By Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs And Others? Investigative Piece (Read And Make Your Own Conclusions) - LA Times

St Patrick's Day Story: Ireland Becoming A Land Of Immigrants, Not Just Irish - MSNBC

WTF News #1: Time To Cop A Buss Pass - Gas Spikes To $5.20 A Gallon At One Pump - CNN Video

WTF News #2: DMX's U.S. Presidential Commentary - Bossip

WTF News #3: Worst Baby Names EVER - Today Show

Left Behind: A Fond Farewell to 209 Once-Common Things That Are Either Obsolete Or Well On The Way - Washington Post Magazine

The Church of Scientology Wants Will Smith And Other Black Stars To Recruit Folks (SMH) - D-Listed

Vogue Magazine Drama with LeBron James Cover: Race Stereotypes in Play? - RADAR Magazine

Hip-Hop Fans Rejoice: Juice Crew Reunion Going Down at A3C Hip-Hop Festival -

R&B/Pop Singer Mariah Carey Lip-Synching And Not Really Giving A S*** on "Saturday Night Live" - A Socialite's Life

Actress Halle Berry Has Her Baby Girl This Weekend - Congrats! - NY Daily News

Remy Ma Court Case Not Looking So Hot For Her: Shooting Victim Testifies - "Remy Shot Me" - SOHH