Saturday Night Live Actually Does Something Funny And Kid of Revalent...

Comedian Tracey Morgan's Commentary on Saturday Night Live says what MAD Folks Of Color May Want To Black Out And Let Out (especially my Civil Right's generation heads) in response to Tina Fey's sweating Democratic Party Presidential nominee Senator Hillary Clinton A Few Weeks Back:

* dies slowly * at "B**ch may be the New Black, but Black is the New President.... B**ch!"

* waits for the inevitable line of T-Shirts with this quote on CafePress or something to come out and/or House Music/Club Music RMX *

With the way folks threw down on Democratic Party Presidential nominee Barack Obama's Pastor this weekend (a MESS folks couldn't find anything else to do while Elliot's Spitzer's Ho and Her Peoples were getting free promo everywhere), I don't know if the bro needs that type of endorsement, but you know the Obama fam was smiling a little bit if they caught this.

That skit did counterbalance somewhat the Hot A** Mess of Mariah Carey and T-Pain's performances on the show this week (Janet Jackson NEVER needs to get sick again if this is the example of make-up acts)...

If you can't see the Tracey Morgan clip, click here.

Bonus Video: Tracey Morgan Wilin' Out On A Morning Talk Show Imitating A Pregnant Woman


Francis Holland said...

If you're sick and tired of hearing what Hillary and Bill Clinton think about Black people and what we can accomplish, please help us engage in some push-back by signing this online petition to the DNC and the super-delegates:

"The signatories to this statement urge that Senator Hillary Clinton must concede defeat in her quest for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination and must support the Democratic ticket. "

Thanks for your collaboration with the Afrosphere Action Coalition.