Says Whut? - Dru Hill Reunion and Breakdown

After Sisqo has been in CMT shows and whatnot trying to get a country music career (it's as much of a hot crazy mess as it sounds, especially with Bobby Brown being on that joint) and some other stuff going on with the members of 1990s R&B group Dru Hill in the past few years (some solo music attempts, etc.), it was supposed to have been a good thing for all of the members of the group to reunite.

The announcement was made on Baltimore, MD radio on 92Q Marc Clarke and The Big Phat Morning Show yesterday but a few minutes afterwards, Dru Hill member Woody decided that he found and/or was sticking with God and doing his gospel solo career still instread of getting back together with the group.

To say the least, folks weren't too keen on that stuff...peep the video below:

* dead * at Sisqo's “Oh, HELL NAW, man. You could have told us this yesterday!” and the other mess said up in this joint (much less the mini-catfight - yes, I said it).

Here's a video from Dru Hill when they were slightly less (openly) dysfunctional and putting out pretty quality music:

Dru Hill feat. Jermaine Dupri - In My Bed (SoSo Def RMX)

And here's Sisqo looking like a gymastic platinum-haired sprite on his solo hit (I don't know too many straight men in MY circle that do cartwheels on the beach and completely ignore the half-naked ladies):

Sisqo - Thong Song

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