Interesting Links
Why The Hip-Hop Game Needs More Ladies Doing Their Thing Properly IMMEDIATELY Example #1: VH1's & Ego Trip's Miss Rap Supreme TV Show

Pope Laments U.S. 'Injustices' To Backs, Indians - MSNBC

South Africans March Over Food Prices - BBC

U.S. Presidential Election #1: Worst. Debate. Ever.Where's the Substance Democratic Candidates & ABC News? - Huffington Post

U.S. Presidential Election #2: Petreaus & Crocker, Obama & Clinton: No Matter Who Wins, the War Goes On - Black Agenda Report

U.S. Presidential Election #3: Hillary's Hypocrisy on Video (Updated) - The Nation

Mistrial In The Governments Fake Terrorism Case Against "Liberty City Seven” in Florida -

Avant-Garde Assholes: Yale Senior Undergoes Multiple Self-Induced Miscarriages In The Name Of Art - Jezebel

No More Soul Train Music Awards Folks * plays world's smallest violin and turntable in a duet * - Tha Feedback

So Much For Street Cred: R&B Singer Akon Exposed -

I Didn't Ask For This S*** At All #1: MTV The Hills "Star" Heidi Montag Raps on TRL (Boo) - Blender Magazine

I Didn't Ask For This S*** At All #2: Playboy Searches for the Women Of Olive Garden For A Magazine Picture Spread - D-Listed

I Didn't Ask For This S*** At All #3: Watch It Or She'll Take Your Man - Crunk + Disorderly

I Didn't Ask For This S*** At All #4: Mom's Pose Naked In Calender for Fundraiser; Make No Loot At All - A Hot Mess

One Of The Times Talking S*** & Doing A Porn DOESN'T Help A Career For You Fellas: R&B Singer Ray J's New LP Sales Aren't The Business - Rhymes With Snitch


Yobachi said...

This is a good round up; I had to peep a few of those links.

Thanks for posting article about the governments fabricated terrorism case.