Says Whut?: The Music Video For "Poak Chop" (aka Another Reason To Lay Off The Swine)

This music video right here is just a HOT A** MESS that makes any of the Crank Dat [fill in the blank] videos and the old BET Uncut music roster look like tapings of a sophisticated night at the ballet directed by Martin Scorese.

If this gets on BET, MTV, major radio stations, etc. in serious rotation, we are truly at the End of Days with Black Music for just some of the following reasons (which you will get once folk peep this):

1. The main people popping it doing the dance are a big Shim (and the hook, Lawd), your drunk aunties, random folks at the family reunion/street corner and what looks like an 8 year old. SMH

2. WTF is a Poak Chop?! The Higher Power Be A Spell Check...

3. MS Paint '98 font

4. These classic lines in the song: “Shake yo poak chops, work ya ham hocks, tho them butta beans" and “I don’t like chicks that is sadiddy, I like my poak chops exkra crispy?”

5. Filming this video on the leftover remains of what looks like "The Color Purple"/"Porgy and Bess" movie set

6. Reading the credits...

I'm a little upset that I have to give folks props that the beat is kind of decent and may get stuck in my head for a minute.

Thank my peoples over at Oh Hell Nawl for finding this, having my eyes rest upon it and spreading the comedy/love/hate around today with this joint and let me know what you think...

Tamechi feat. Tazzman - Poak Chop (Sunbrick Music)

If you can't see it, click here.

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