And The Beat Goes On: Don't Give A S*** Politricks At It's Finest from the Democratic Party

Now, the only thing us folks at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast ask for our readers in the U.S. and elsewhere is to engage in making a straight up educated vote when engaged in politics, one way or the other.

We're going to be on the side of right one way or the other here and look out for our people - Black People (since folks over here are of that background - it is what it is), other folks of Color, non-folks of Color and humanity in general.

With that notation and pre-history, check out this 1992 video of ex-President Bill Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulous (now a "journalist" on ABC) and current presidential advisor for Senator Hillary Clinton (NY) Mickey Kantor calling the folks over at Indiana "white n***ers."

They are saying this about folks in the state who are next up in line for the Democratic Primaries by the way.

Maya Angelou, Bob Johnson, etc. - Is THIS the type of a**hat campaign you folks want to be behind?!

If so, SMH.

Perhaps this is why we haven't heard anything from the senator from New York about the travesty that is the Sean Bell case verdict if these characters are running things.

Check the video below...

Video First originally checked out over the posting from the fine folks at Bossip.

Update: Now folks are saying the video is doctored and part of some conspiracy...let the games and spin begin...

At the end of the day, folks from Indiana were talked about as if they weren't "s***", so it's still a mark in the loss column on that note regardless.

AND we're note even in the full-fledged U.S. Presidential Election yet - this looks like things are going to shape up to be a hot mess.

And here's the unedited clip from the documentary about the 1992 Presidential run of Bill Clinton, The War Room, that this video is from to check things out in full - sounds like at least 1 part of things are true, if not the "white n***ers" joint, so they will probably make this a big ol' non-issue on the mainstream news tonight: