Music: Freddie Foxxx

For those folks who miss the 1990s era of NYC Street Hip-Hop, this re-release information about long standing independent Hip-Hop MC Freddie Foxxx's (also known as Bumpy Knuckles, doing it since the Flavor Unit Days) Crazy Like a Foxxx album may come as good news to heads and as something worthy to cop over at the CD store, internet, etc. when it comes out July 29, 2008 through Fat Beats.

While folks are waiting for this album to come out (the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family has scattered 12" from this album, but not the actual joint, so we'll be waiting along with everyone else), check out and download this exclusive mix done by DJ Monster of Fat Beats Radio that's a mini-promo Crazy Like A Foxxx LP here.

Some Information from the Press Release:

Originally due for release in 1994 and only ever issued on a promo cassette, Freddie Foxxx’s Crazy Like a Foxxx album is finally available commercially.

The deluxe 2XCD package includes the original album, plus the 1993 demo version produced entirely by D.I.T.C. (Showbiz, Lord Finesse & Buckwild).

** Editor's Note: is quietly geeked out over D.I.T.C. produced disc **

Crazy Like a Foxxx 2XCD Tracklisting:

Disc 1: Jailhouse Version

Can't Break Away
Crazy Like a Foxxx (Ultramagnetic Dis)
So Tough (Video Mix)
Daddy Boot Knock
Project Mice
Jailhouse Rock
Killa (feat. 2Pac)
Meet Some Skins
Shotty in the Back
Funk In Yo Brain
Step (feat. Chuck D of Public Enemy)
Do What You Gotta Do
Pressure On The Brain
Rev Glock (Skit)
Rev Glock
Crazy Like a Foxxx (Alternate Mix)

Disc 2: DITC Version

Call of the Wild
Can't Break Away
Click Click
8 Bars to Catch a Body
Project Mice
Rev. Glock
Crazy Like a Foxxx
Man Destroys Man
Pressure on the Brain
Who is the Middle Man
Cook a Niggaz Ass (feat. Kool G Rap)

Freddie Foxxx Official MySpace Page

Bonus Music Video #1: Freddie Foxxx - The Master(classic Hip-Hop)

Bonus Music Video #2: Gangstarr feat. Freddie Foxxx & Big Shug - The Militia (classic Hip-Hop)