New Music & Video: Mickey Factz

What's good folks,

I've finally got a chance to check out the music of Bronx NYC independent Hip-Hop MC Mickey Factz and the GFCnewyork crew this past weekend while laid up on allergy meds (no Global Warming, yeah, OK) in the Maryland Music Lab of and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast.

Mickey Factz was recommended to me by numerous folks who hit your folks up with insane amounts of website links, articles, etc. to check out as being one of the dope cats in the recent wave Hip-Hop Music that's taking it back to the boundary pushing electicness of when the artform began where you can your BoomBap and Street Hip-Hop joints, but there was nothing wrong with throwing in some Rock, Electro, etc. up in the mix as well with other subject matter that can be simple as all hell or go somewhere else that actually gets feet tapping and heads nodding.

There's not a term yet I know that describes this wave of Hip-Hop Music as of yet that seems to include heads like The Cool Kids, Jay Electronica, Kidz In The Hall and so forth (hopefully no description equivalent as asinine as "Neo-Soul" will sneak its way into the general populace but who knows - we could run into the term "HipsterHop" or some such s*** later), so I'll just call it good Black Music for the time being.

Thankfully, folks are happy to say that this brother is not just another part of the Internet Hipster Hype Machine - there are real skills, creativity and depth to Mickey Factz's songs and such that if someone doesn't grab him up on a decent business deal from a major label, their A&Rs need to go back to Finding A Decent Hip-Hop Artist 101 course.

Well, a decent amount of major labels need to do that anyway, but that's a whole other post for another day (along with Actually Putting Out The Decent Hip-Hop Artist's Album In The Near Future 102)....

Give the latest mixtape by Mickey Factz a listen for yourself and let folks know what you think...

Mickey Factz - Heaven's Fallout Mixtape Download Link (zip file)

1. Vietnam
2. Never Fallout
3. Talk Yo S***
4. Access Granted
5. There's Nothing Left
6. Stop Me
7. Something About Us
8. Sick N Tired
9. Smack My B**ch Up
10. You Remind Me
11. Freaky Girl
12. Loud Whispers
13. Let You Go
14. Living Dead
15. Breathe Another Day
16. Jacob's Ladder
17. I Like your Supra's Radio Broadcast Personal Favorite Tracks: Vietnam, Breathe Another Day, Talk Yo Shit, There's Nothing Left, I Like Your Supra's, Stop Me

Bonus Video: Mickey Factz feat. The Cool Kids - Rockin' and Rollin' RMX

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