Video: Nas

Here's the new video from Queens, NY Hip-Hop MC Nas from the upcoming The N album on Def Jam...what do y'all think?

It's definitely an interesting video and gives more impact to the song, personally. When I first heard this track, it was kind of a this is cool, but a "been there, done that" vibe to it, more so because of the previous history of groups as old school Hip-Hop as Public Enemy to independent cats such as NYOil hitting the topic and the previous publicty campaign for the original title (N***ger) that seemed a bit to ready for 21st Century PR soundbites.

The songs leaked so far from "The N" are making the album look like its going to be worth the while to cop in the stores, on the 'net, etc. and hopefully, will not end up being something along the "meh, it's aiight" lines of recent Nas' albums like Streets Disciple and Hip-Hop Is Dead.

Check it out:

Nas - Be a N****r Too

Check the audio for the song over from my peoples at the Nah Right blog here.

Bonus Video: Nas - Halftime (classic Nas/1990s era NYC Street Hip-Hop)