Interesting Links: "Permanent Pessimists And Allergies Have Gotten On My Nerves The Past Few Days" Edition

Comic Strip From My Peoples at Oh Hell Nawl

Black U.S. AIDS Rates 'Rival African Nations' & U.S. AIDS Policies Neglect Blacks, Report Says - CNN

Big Media Steals 5,100 Digital TV Channels - Black Agenda Report

Prescription Drug Addictions Rise In U.S. - Yahoo

L.A. OKs One Year Moratorium On Fast-Food Restaurants In Poor Neighborhoods - MSNBC

A Single ‘Black Leader’ Is Non-Existent
- Finall Call

Torture, Political Manipulation and the American Psychological Association - Counterpunch

Vote Theft for Idiots: Part Deux - Greg Palast

Philadelphia TV News Pioneer Edie Huggins, First Black Woman to Report on the Air, Dies at 72 - Black America Web

Attack of the Global Pirate Bankers - The Nation

Paroled Ex-Cons Make A Baby But Still Can't Live Together - Village Voice

We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes: Ten Notable Instances When Music And Politics Collided - RADAR Magazine

Subtle Racism IV: Statistics - Stuff Black People Hate

Weird Science: Bees Join Hunt For Serial Killers - BBC

Jesus Take The Wheel - Bossip

Whitney Houston and Ray J Looking The Ashy, 1990s Throwback Messes On Some Date Or Something - Tha Feedback

Ew At Keith Sweat - Crunk + Disorderly

Another Reason Justin Timberlake Cannot Get That Full Respect From Me - D-Listed

About A Year or So Too Late, They FINALLY Start Hyping Up The Best Song on G.O.O.D. Music Hip-Hop MCs Consequence's Album - Music Video for "Disperse" feat. GLC and Really Doe