Video: "Welcome To New Orleans" Documentary

What's good and FuseBox Radio family,

I wanted to share this great documentary with you called Welcome to New Orleans, which was done to cover what was going on in the city of New Orleans after the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Welcome to New Orleans covers everything from the neglect of various governmental agencies to assist people and keep things under control to the underlying violence and racism that still exists today in the American South.

It also covers the work in the founding of the grassroots organization Common Ground Relief Foundation by former Black Panther Malik Rahim, which has served hundreds of thousands of residents since then.

Please give this full documentary a viewing when you get a chance (it's about an hour - props to who put this up and available via Google Video) and remember that this region and others (Mississippi, etc.) are still going through it today and need real assistance. Just because it's not shown on mainstream television doesn't mean that nothing is going on and everything is A O.K...

Welcome to New Orleans Official Website
Common Ground Relief Foundation Official Website