New Music: N.Y.OIL (Digital Album Sampler)

Peace Folks,

Over here at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast, we wanted to hit you with the digital album sampler from my N.Y. peoples, N.Y. OIL, who's album, HoodTREASON, just dropped as a special edition deluxe double CD yesterday through label and distributor Babygrande Records to the masses.

The brother is a reminder (along with others like Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, the still going strong Public Enemy, etc.) that you can put out messages and actions out there for heads while still making quality Hip-Hop folks can feel.

Check out the HoodTREASON Digial Album Sampler Mixtape done by my peoples from the Fleet DJs, DJ Delz to get an idea of what N.Y. OIL brings to the table.

Check things out, download and enjoy!

Podcast Ready mp3 Download Link (right click and "save as")


1. N.Y. Oil Speaks
2. Hip Hop Ya Don't Stop
3. Don't Get It Twisted
4. Girls Wanna Dance
5. Self Destrukkktion
6. N.Y. Oil Speaks
7. Solider feat. Chuck D
8. Y'all Should All Get Lynched
9. The Hate That Love Made
10. I.W.N.B.Y.S.O.
11. What Up My Wigga Wigger
12. N.Y. Oil Speaks
13. Unreal

N.Y. OIL Official MySpace Page
N.Y. Oil Official Website

Bonus Music Video: N.Y. OIL - "Y'All Should All Get Lynched" (Animated Version)

Bonus Music Video #2: NYOIL - The Difference Between N***ers and Blacks