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Check Out The Jamacian's Killing It in the 100 Meter Race At the 2008 Olympics (Shoutout to for the Video)

Riot or Renaissance?: Black America’s Capital to Labor Ratio - The Final Call

New York Times Attempts to Define and Dictate Black Politics - Black Agenda Report

Texas Loses Track of Black Student Drop-Outs - New School of Human Rights

Poverty, Income, and Health Insurance: What to Expect and Why It Really Matters - The Huffington Post

Are You a Cardmember?: D.C. Says You Should Be If You Live In Public Housing (IDs for Residents) - Washington City Paper

1 in 2 Say Prayer Saves The Dying - MSNBC

No Child Left Behind?: At Inner-City L.A. High School, Nearly 6 in 10 Drop Out (SMH) - Yahoo

Are Russia and the West Facing a New Cold War? - Newsweek

Hope My Peoples In Florida Are OK: Hurricane Fay Makes Landfall in Southwestern Florida - CNN

All Experts Agree: Legalize Drugs - CounterPunch

Pedigree Dogs Plagued By Disease Due To Inbreeding - BBC News

Who Can You Sue? Click Here - TIME Magazine

Yay to Quality Black Acting on Television: Laurence Fishburne joining "CSI" cast - Reuters via Yahoo

An Interview with Steinski: Talking With The Hip-Hop Producer About The Evolution Of His Long Career - Village Voice

Secrets of a Hipster Hooker - RADAR Magazine

The Attack of the Micro-Bust It Babies (Some Bulls*** Right Here Whoever Filmed This And These Kids' Parents) - Crunk + Disorderly

Michael Jackson and His Brothers Have $$ Issues - Rhymes With Snitch

O RLY Ice-T? - Bossip

Don't Know What A "Sandcastle Disco" Is, But This Solange R&B Video Is Pretty OK - Tha Feedback

New Mixtape: DJ Ames & La The Darkman – Vendetta Vol. 6 (Download here)
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1. La The Darkman Intro
2. Notorious L.A.D.
3. Glorious Victorious L.A.D
4. Check
5. Chop It for Profit
6. Dumping the Ruger feat. Willie The Kid
7. La The Darkman Interlude
8. Crack In The Lac feat. Chamillionaire
9. Lazilla
10. Thangs Back feat. Willie The Kid
11. Capital A feat. Willie The Kid
12. Gangland
13. La The Darkman Interlude
14. Hand On My Glock feat. Willie The Kid
15. Cold Blooded feat. Willie The Kid
16. They Keep Talking
17. America's Nightmare
18. Coogi Down feat. Willie The Kid
19. Can't Feel My Face feat. Juelz Santana & Lil' Wayne
20. For The Love of Money feat. Willie The Kid
21. I Love The Doe feat. Willie The Kid
22. I Been Around
23. La The Darkman Outro