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What's good and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Fam,

We're going to give you a little bit of music and things from Wu-Tang Clan affiliate folks today, especially with that Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan documentary dropping on DVD today to the masses (which by the way is absolutely fantastic, even if you're not the biggeest fan of the Hip-Hop crew).

Staten Island, New York Hip-Hop MC 9th Prince is the brother of the RZA and one of the founding members of Wu-Tang Clan affiliate group Killarmy.

Having been on the grind for a while with that crew as well as various solo releases (the last official of which was the Granddaddy Flow album in 2003), mixtapes and guest appearances on various releases from Wu-Tang Clan members and fellow independent Hip-Hop heads, 9th Prince has a brief stint of being incarcarated when the first version of Prince of New York dropped earlier this year.

Now, this album has been re-released this past week through Armyourself Entertainment & Babygrande Records with a lot of extra tracks and bonuses up in the mix for folks to get into.

In our personal opinion, 9th Prince's project is Hip-Hop not just for those who are fans of the Wu-Tang Clan's style of Hip-Hop (especially the older works), but it's also for Hip-Hop heads who like that 1990s NYC Street Hip-Hop sound and vibe.

Over here, the family are good with the vast majority of Prince of New York (liked to loved 13 out of 17 tracks) and enjoyed it as a solid and quality independent Hip-Hop release.

Check out the free 9th Prince downloads provided below of the single "Bottomline" (with the video below) and one of's favorite joints from the album, "The Writer", along with the tracklisting for the album and some extra music videos from Back in the Day.

Let us know what you think and enjoy!

Prince of New York Tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. The Writer
3. Sniper Challengers feat. Islord
4. Ain't Promised Tomorrow feat. Tommy Whispers
5. Vandalism feat. Tekitha
6. Never Front feat. Beretta 9
7. Prince Of New York
8. Street Pharmacists feat. Paradox, Tommy Whispers, and Trife Da God
9. Fan Voicemail
10. Bottomline
11. Tell A Friend
12. Shut Your Mouth feat. Tekitha (Bonus Track)
13. We Supreme feat. Dom Pachino, and Beretta 9 (Bonus Track)
14. Like Like feat. Dom Pachino, and Shogun Assasson (Bonus Track)
15. Stand Proud (Bonus Track)
16. Hood Life feat. Killa Sin, Dom Pachino, and Masta Killa (Bonus Track)
17. We Write The Songs (Bonus Track)

9th Prince Official MySpace Page
9th Prince Official Website

9th Prince - Bottomline

Bonus Music Video #2: 9th Prince - Banned From The Radio

Bonus Music Video #3: Killarmy - Fair, Love & War (classic 1990s Wu-Tang Clan Fam Hip-Hop)