Music: Grace Jones

Grace Jones - the overall kind of crazy (mostly in a good way) New Wave, Funk & Disco Music Artist and Actress - has just had a new album last week under my radar called Hurricane on the Wall of Sound label.

So far, it's only out as an import release (boo) and is the first offical album released by her in over 19 years (2 albums during that time were never released and shelved).

The producer line up looks absolutely crazy on point with work behind the boards being put in by Sly and Robbie, Tricky and Brian Eno, amongst other folks.

Here is the Grace Jones' first single and video from the Hurricane album, "Corporate Cannibal".

In my opinion, it's typical Grace Jones - good groove, a little off kilter w/ the lyrics and humour, wild and a wee bit scary (both the song and the video).

In other words, Black Music that is not the same ol' same ol' or boring - thank goodness.

Give the music video a look for yourself as well grabbing up as the mp3 download - let us know what you think....

Music Video #1: Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal

Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal mp3 Download

Music Video #2: Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm

Music Video #3: Grace Jones with Pavarotti @ Fundraiser for Angola in 2002

Grace Jones Official Website