New Music: Self Destruction 2009

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Just wanted to share the latest song from the Stop the Violence Movement called "Self Destruction 2009" featuring Hip-Hop MCs KRS-One, Twista, Crucial Johnson, Phil G, Kenny Bogus, Pugs Atomz & Straw and singer Syleena Johnson.

All of the artists and producers involved in this project (mostly from the Chicago area) all volunteered their time to get the message out with the coming of the New Year for all of our people to get control of their enviornments and to stop what's essentially becoming a cycle of violence throughout the inner cities and beyond with the youth.

Lots of thanks to our Chicago family of producer Grant Parks and CoalMine Music for hitting us up with this to share to the masses.

Here is some of the history of the Stop The Violence Movement from their website:

In 1987, Afrika Bambaataa called a historic meeting at the Latin Quarter night club where he urged the Hip Hop community to become more politically and socially active. Personally influenced by the meeting, KRS-ONE went to work releasing a 12" single entitled “Stop The Violence.”

The popularity of this song gave rise to a swelling community of conscious Hip Hop. Then in 1989, KRS-ONE, along with Ann Carli (VP of A&R at Jive records) and author/musicologist Nelson George, developed an all-star project that would become a legendary Hip Hop peace anthem, “Self-Destruction”.

As KRS-ONE said, “We got ourselves together so that you could unite and fight for what’s right.” The recording boldly denounced Black-on-Black violence with quotes like this one from Kool Moe Dee “I never ever ran from the Ku Klux Klan and I shouldn’t have to run from a black man.” The proceeds from “Self-Destruction” were given to the Urban League for community programs and made it cool to ‘Stop The Violence.’

In response to the increased violence and confusion of today, Hip Hop activist/philosopher, KRS-ONE has revitalized the ‘Stop The Violence’ movement. He is calling upon the global Hip Hop community to take responsibility for the way in which conflict is resolved.

Check out and download the new Self Destruction track as well as a recent interview with KRS-One about the Stop The Violence movement below.

Folks over here also dug up the original music videos representing both the East Coast and West Coast Hip-Hop era songs that came about during the early period of the Stop The Violence movement, which have some classic collaborations and production going on.

Listen, watch, enlighten and enjoy!

KRS-One, Twista, Crucial Johnson, Phil G, Kenny Bogus, Pugs Atomz, Straw & Syleena Johnson - Self Destruction 2009 mp3 Download

KRS One Interview about the Stop The Violence Movement mp3 Download

Bonus Music Video #1: Self Destruction - (Boogie Down Productions, Stetsasonic, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, Just-Ice, Heavy D & Public Enemy) - Self Destruction

Bonus Music Video #2: West Coast All Stars (King Tee, Body & Soul, Def Jef, Michel'le, Tone-Loc, Above The Law, Ice-T, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, Young MC, Digital Underground, MC Hammer & Eazy-E)- We're All In The Same Gang


syleena said...

Syleena Johnson's album comes out today on itunes it's called Chapter 4: Labor Pains. I copped it , it was "LIKE THAT". Good to hear some new hot soulful shit! heard that self destruction joint too, hot!