Salsoul + Hip-Hop = Joe Bataan's Rap O Clap O

I absolutely LOVE Youtube for stuff like this...

Your sis here at and the FuseBox Radio Broadcast has the dance version 12" for this (if you can find it, the instrumental is dope as all get out) and while doing some "trying not to work" stuff on the computer, I found this live performance of Black Music legend Joe Bataan performing this Hip-Hop record live on the overseas music TV show Popcorn.

The label he was on at the time, Salsoul Records, is mostly known for their straight Disco & Dance Music throwdowns such as Loleatta Holloway's "Love Sensation", First Choice's "Let No Man Put Asunder" and plenty of other dope joints.

This joint is kind of hot because it shows that Disco Rap/Disco Hip-Hop vibe that lasted for a minute that most folks only know of from the Sugar Hill Gang's "Rappers Delight".

Plus, having known Joe Baatan mostly for his funk and jazz music vibe, this was a pretty cool deviation from his musical background (or completion, since Hip-Hop evolved from all other forms of Black Music).

Watch the video, give the song a listen, cop the download and enjoy!

Joe Baatan - Rap O Clap O Live on "Popcorn" (1980)

Joe Baatan - Rap O Clap O (international radio edit) mp3 Download

Joe Baatan Official Website

Joe Baatan Official MySpace Page