Music: Revolt Radio

Happy Thursday to our and FuseBox Radio Broadcast people!

It's time to hit folks with another great radio show from the Revolt Radio camp that has a quality Black Radio & Black Music aesthetic in the mix.

Revolt Radio is a Washington, DC are based show hosted by independent Hip-Hop MCs Wordsmith & Black Knight along with the music in the mix by DJ Dublee bringing some of the best mainstream and independent Hip-Hop music to the masses weekly.

Check out this week's show below - hope you enjoy it!

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Wordsmith's Revolt Radio Week 44 Podcast

Includes a special Listening Session to the K. Sparks Manic Mondays Volume 1 Mixtape, as well as an exclusive interview w/ Hip-Hop MC K. Sparks & >Mr. Shadeed talking about the development & growth of the New Digital Music Biz .

Black Knight Intro

Singles Symposium
1. Dictionary (Produced By Glish Production )
2. Needs vs.Wants (Produced By D Roof)
3. Definition (Produced By Pajozo)

Black Knight Air Break #1

4. Never feat. Tina Quallo (Snippet) (Produced By Fero Navi)
5. Hip Hop President (Produced By Kurser)
6. Rewind feat. Angelous (Produced By Kurser)
7. Nostalgic (Produced By Moe Productions)
8. Hip Hop (Produced By Moe Productions)

Black Knight Air Break #2

9. Spittaz (Produced By Moe Productions)
10. Movin On feat. Tina Quallo (Snippet) (Produced By Kurser)
11. Young Malcolm (Produced By T-Mos)
12. Visual Sound (Produced By T-Mos)

Black Knight Air Break #3

13. Back Down feat. Dave Barz (Produced By Kurser )
14. Hard Lemonade (Snippet) (Produced By Mark Henry)
15. Rain( Produced By Kurser)
16. Spittaz II Feat Marzburg, Angelous, and Nova (Produced By T-Mos)
17. G.A.M.E (Produced By Kurser)

New Digital Music Biz with Mr. Shadeed

Black Knight Interview with K Sparks

Unsigned Mix Show
1. Esoteric – 1989
2. Ra The MC feat. Fred Knuxx, Wordsmith and Balance – Get Me
3. Quite Nyce – Jazzolution
4. Sonix & Wordsmith – Reach Back To Me
5. Lee Kid – Rep Your City
6. Sonix – I'm A Star
7. Konshens & his State of Mind - The Chosen One
8. Snoop feat. Sly Stone – Dr. King Remember
9. Reks – System (produced by DJ GI Joe)
10. Cazh Mullah – Own Man
11. Fabio Fiocco – Cazhflow
12. Ali Vegas – Everyday (Produced by DJ Premier)
13. Trends – Every Breath
14. 5 way$ (pronounced 5 ways) – Paper Chase

Black Knight Outro

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