Radio Broadcast Inauguration Coverage: Inaugural Experience with Art Whino x the Sneaker Suite x Judah

What's up to our & FuseBox Radio Broadcast folks this Tuesday morning! :)

It's been kind of hectic the past few days (hence the lack of constant updates) due to getting over a bad cold, finishing up some mixtapes projects and such, but now it's time to continue the & FuseBox Radio Broadcast recap of the Inauguration Weekend.

The next location we hit up to check out how a portion of Black American in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virgina) area was celebrating the inaugaration of President Barack Obama was An Inaugural Appreciation with Art Whino x the Sneaker Suite x Judah, which was held over at the National Harbor in Marlyand (about 15 minutes from Washington, DC) on Sunday, January 18, 2009.

An Inaugural Appreciation was a cool free gathering (nothing to sneeze at during this ecomony and amongst parties at the local MD hole-in-the-wall bar that were starting at $40 a head) held at the Art Whino Gallery, which had a lot of different artwork on display supplied by JPalmer Designs from Hip-Hop & Street influenced paintings to carvings and everything in between:

The fashion family of Greedy Genius also had some of their latest line of 2009 sneakers on display:

There was a lot of activity going on with folks having a good time dancing and head nodding to the DJ mixes of Old School, Breakbeats, Soul & Hip-Hop sounds from the independent to mainstream music scenes by DJ Lil Mic of XM Sirius Radio & DJ Maf :

To close out the night after everyone got their dance on, giveaways (from LRG, Skullcandy and other companies), plates full of food (sponsored by the folks at Catfish Fridays - jerk chicken and yams were off the chain) and drink (from hard liqour if you were of age to sodas and such), the free-flowing crowd as treated to some suprise guest performances from upward climbing Hip-Hop MCs Charles Hamilton & Tabi Bonney:

Tabi Bonney Picture Taken from Clockwise Clothing Website

Music Video #1: Hustlers Exclusive Video of Tabi Bonney Pre-Inaugaration Concert at An Inaugural Appreciation in National Harbor, MD (Jan. 18, 2009)

Charles Hamilton Picture Taken Live During The Event From the Radio Broadcast Crew

Music Video #2: Hustlers Exclusive Video of Charles Hamilton Pre-Inaugaration Concert at An Inaugural Appreciation in National Harbor, MD (Jan. 18, 2009)

Overall, it was a pretty good night, getting to see average folks who just strolled into the event to the "Hip-Hop Hipster" crowd getting to celebrate and have a good time while counting down to B(arack Obama)-Day.

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