Music: Skipp Whitman vs. Richard Pryor Mixtape

Happy Friday Morning to our and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family!

Hope your Valentine's Day/Presidents Day/Just Happy To Be Off Weekend goes well for your and yours. :)

Doing a bit of a music download post-o-rama today of some quality Black Music in the form of various mixtapes, EPs and such since I'm going to be a bit busy this weekend.

First off in the download spree is the excellent Skipp Whitman vs. Richard Pryor Mixtape.

This joint mixes various audio clips and such from famous comedian/actor/entertainer Richard Pryor with the background music styles ranging from Hip-Hop to Electro created in the lab producer & MC Skipp Whitman.

I'm really feeling it and hope you all do to - check it out and let me know what y'all think!

Skipp Whitman vs. Richard Pryor Mixtape Download Link


1. Intx/I'm Cxmin'
2. I'm Gxxd
3. Bxx'd
4. Fxcused
5. St. Barth's
6. Dxn't Cry
7. Mx!/Tape Theme Sxng
8. Break'n A Gal
9. Kid
10. Fresh
11. Getup Skipp
12. Whxle Stxry
13. Ninety Five
14. Skipp San Diegx

Richard Pryor Official Website

Skipp Whitman Official MySpace Page
Skipp Whitman Official Website

Now you know we HAD to include some classic Richard Pryor video of the man in action - classic Black Entertainer and just GREAT comedian:

Bonus Video #1: Richard Pryor as the Rev. James L. White on His 1977 TV Special

Bonus Video #2: Richard Pryor - Prison

Bonus Video #3: Richard Pryor on "Seasame Street"