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Good Afternoon FuseBox Radio Broadcast & Folks!

We have 2 brand new mixtapes of quality U.S. Independent Hip-Hop from New York City's own Dollarmentary, one mixed by yours truly DJ Fusion of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast and DJ Dirty Tim.

Dollarmentary (formerly known as Stack-A-Dollar) is the founder of the New York Hip-Hop Collective Time Square Hustlers.

Under the guidance and mentorship by Def Squad's and Gilla House's Redman, this MC has been on the grind heavy in the underground music scene, doing everything from extensive international touring (withh is most recent major tour dates being a part of the Redman & Method Man's "Still High" Tour in 2008 as the opening act) as well as putting out numerous well recieved mixtapes.

His upcoming official solo album release will be dropping in early 2009 with guest appearances by Redman, Method Man, Timbo King, Vinny Idol (who also produced all of Dollarmentary As Amero Dollar Vol. 1), Lil' Mama, Icadon, Treach, Onyx and more.

Feel free to check out Dollarmentary's Official YouTube site here and touch base on any possible future collaborations, booking, etc. with this talented MC at or

Here are the FREE Dollarmentary mixtape downloads - check them out, let us know what you think, spread the word and enjoy!

Worldwide Huslters Presents Live From Dam Square (featuring Dollarmentary, Mic-Nif, A. Diggz, FS Green, Timbo King, CJ Fillaz & Vinny Idol, mixed by DJ Dirty Tim)

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1. Intro - DJ Dirty Tim
2. The Hustle - Dollarmentary feat. DNA
3. Fire (Prod. Vinny Idol) - Dollarmentary
4. 1 (Prod. by FS Green) - Jiggy Dj?
5. To the Youth (Prod. by Vinny Idol) - Dollarmentary feat. Grizzly Bear
6. What I Do - Carbon Kid
7. Pay On - J-Encore
8. McMenemen
9. Behoed Me - BS80
10. Move - Dollarmentary feat. DNA
11. Live From Da 716 - A.Diggz
12. Good Money (Prod. by Vinny Idol) - Dollarmentary
13. Labba (Drop)
14. Life is a Fucker - Labba feat. Fats
15. Never Stop - Dollarmentary feat. DNA
16. Spaced Out (Prod. by Q.F.) - Young Starr
17. The Hague City - J-Encore
18. Blame Us - Royal Fam
19. DJ Narain Ashad (Drop)
20. Driving Down the Freeway (FS Green Remix) - Outlawz feat. Young Buck & Dion
21. Easier - Mic-Nif feat. Andrew Apollos
22. Jobless People (Prod. Vinny Idol) - Dollarmentary
23. Skillz To Fall Back On (Prod. Vinny Idol) - Dollarmentary
24. If I Hit the Lotto (Prod. Vinny Idol) - Dollarmentary
25. Mr. President - Timbo King
26. On My Grind - CJ Fillaz
27. Time (Prod. Lil Me) - Mic-Nif feat. Khaoz
28. Wearing Shades on Rainy Days - Apollo Black
29. Get High Like an Astronaut (Prod. Vinny Idol) - Dollarmentary
30. Outro (Prod. by Dillo C) - DJ Dirty Tim

B.W.C. Presents Black Astronautz Space Cadetz
Dollarmentary Az Space Man Vol. 1 (Hosted & Mixed by DJ Fusion - FuseBox Radio &

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1. Intro
2. My Zone (Haze)
3. Money
4. Grindfather Original
5. Bonus - Introducing Yung Hustle (Fire)
6. Fire
7. Brooklyn Bushwick Anthem (Spaced Out)
8. My Love
9. Introducing Ms. Chipz - Hood Anthem

Dollarmentary Official MySpace Page