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Happy Late St. Patricks Day - Some Throwback iCoonery For Y'all With Leprechaun Sightings In The Hood On The News From A Few Years Back (yes, this video is real * sigh *)...

Department of Double Standards: Rep. Maxine Waters Maligned for Helping Black Banks - Black Agenda Report

U.S. Army Wants To End "Stop-Loss" Policy by 2011

Obama's Debt to New Orleans - The Nation

Pope Benedict Argues That Distribution Of Condoms Has Aggravated Africa's HIV/AIDS Problem - BBC News

Upset with AIG? How About Your Bailout Funds Supporting Tiger Woods and Europe's Soccer Stars? - The Huffington Post

The Watchmen: How Useless Are The D.C. Police Department's Crime Cameras?
- Washington City Paper

This Man Needs To Slow Roast In Hell: Father Accused of Years of Incest To Daughter Pleads Guilty To Charges, Now Faces Life Sentence - Yahoo! News

WTF News: Lady in New York City Gets Shot In The Stomach By An Arrow - Oh Hell Nawl

Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg & The Post-Racial Cleaning Power of Hip-Hop (insert sarcasm here) - Ron Mexico City

Hip-Hop Cosa Nostra: This Thing Of Ours -

Interesting Old Interview With Hip-Hop (& Overall Black Music) Producer Prince Paul - Wax Poetics

This Is Why Americans Get Look At As Mad Gluttonous -

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2. Guilt Scott
3. The Shine
4. BangLadesh
6. Dusk feat. H-PONE aka NYCE aka Black Assailant
7. Homicide Written feat. Akil Nuru & Karniege
9. Jetlag
10. Guttersnipin feat. Lex Boogie
12. Dissident Factions
13. Unborn feat. QUDRAT (Messiah and PointGod)
15. DIRTYDRUMS BURTHDAY PARTYU feat. Buddy Leroy & OzyReigns
16. Black Soul Radio Flashback Music Video: Freeez - Southern Freeez

Serius Jones presents Life is Serius[The Movie] from IrunsNY on Vimeo
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