Video: 88-Keys feat. Kanye West - Stay Up (Viagra)

Picture from the 88-Keys feat. Kanye West "Stay Up (Viagra)" Video Shoot...yes, they are wilin'

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Due to my 9 to 5 getting a wee bit hecitc and just doing a bit of behind the scenes revamping of the website (some new editions of content on here are going to make things a lot more consistent), a sis over here is catching up on actually posting up some articles, music and things for y'all - thanks for staying in for the long haul and hope things are well. :)

I have to give both 88-Keys and Kanye West for putting a bit of imagination and good humor with this video for the song "Stay Up (Viagra)", especially with most mainstream Hip-Hop videos seeming to follow the "look hard on the rented streets with rented hoes eventually going to the club, flashing (fake) money, repeat" cycle of iCoonery & boredom.

This track is from 88-Keys' The Death Of Adam album that's now out on Decon Records. This song honestly was my favorite on this album and apparently, someone else's too since this video looks like the makeup budget alone could fund a small country or AIG executive.

Anyway, check out the video below and enjoy - let us know what you think! :)

Music Video: 88-Keys feat. Kanye West - Stay Up (Viagra)

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