Music: Breakdown FM's 25 Joints to Get U Through the Day #10

Hey there and FuseBox Radio Broadcast crew!

Just wanted to share a recent episode of a dope radio show that follows the Black Radio aesthetic from esteemed Hip-Hop journalist Davey D of Breakdown FM that has all different types of international Hip-Hop music and talk in the mix.

Click the link below to listen to and download the show as well as getting the written inspiriation behind this Breakdown FM episode - hope you enjoy it! :)

Breakdown FM: 25 Joints to Get U Through the Day #10
"Commercial Radio is Lost in Space - We're Down to Earth"

Download Link & Detailed Show Description


1. Vanessa German - 'One Wing' (Pittsburgh)
2. Zion I w/ Brother Ali - 'Caged Bird pt1 (Oakland & Minneapolis)
3. Zion I - In the Morning (Caged Bird pt 2) (Oakland)
4. Akrobatik - 'Front Steps pt II' (Boston)
5. Apakalips - 'Letter to San Jose City Council' (San Jose)
6. Wise Intelligent - 'A Genocide' (Trenton, NJ)
7. Azeem - 'Latin Revenge' (Oakland)
8. Quese IMC - 'The Youth Conference' (Los Angeles)
9. Deuce Eclipse - 'Nicoya Last Hope' (Oakland)
10. Azeem - 'Going Dumb vs Going to Brazile' (Oakland)
11. Labtekwan - 'Hard 2 Da Core' (Baltimore)
12. Sim City - 'Watch Me' (Washington DC)
13. Deuce Eclipse - 'Que Se Mueva' (Oakland)
14. Dahlak - 'The Club' (Sacramento)
15. Dahlak - 'Welcome to My Cypher' (Sacramento)
16. Jennifer Johns - 'For the DJs' (Oakland)
17. DJ B-Girl w/ Julie C - 'On the Rise' (Seattle)
18. Queen Latifah & Daddy O - 'The Pros' (NJ & NY)
19. I Self Divine - 'Live in the Moment' (Minneapolis)
20. Sunspot Jonz - 'Dip Down' (Los Angeles)
21. Omar Offedum - 'Darmascus' (Syria)
22. X-Clan w/ Tony Henry & Bun B - 'Through My Eyes' (LA, Houston)
23. NY Oil - 'Nightstick (NY)
24. Paris - 'True' (San Francisco)
25. D'Labrie w/ Adisa Banjoko - 'Life Stratgies' (Oakland-San Jose)