Music: Hammertime! Past, Present & Future Mixtape

We HAD to throw this mixtape up as a part of our Black Music Month postings here on

Now, I know some folks back in the day thought that MC Hammer was the epitome of crossover iCoonery with the dancing, big ol' pants, business deals (don't sleep on the Pepsi endorsement, the Hammerman cartoon and whatnot) & love from those in the mainstream media...

On behalf of those folks, and the FuseBox Radio Broadcast deeply apologize.

In comparison to now when you got folks doing bootleg stripper dancing to get attention, MC Hammer was (and still is) a genuinely nice guy MC who actually did advocate having FUN with Hip-Hop Music (even with his "interesting" period with Death Row Records) and was a great live performer, which is a pretty hard rarity these days.

Besides the fact the music was REALLY some party music - dope samples and grooves were always handy on a Hammer release production wise constantly (feel about the rhymes, lyrics, etc. however you want) - most of these new age rap "moguls" would not be in the mainstream eye if folks like the brother didn't really go there back in the day with the business sponsorships and whatnot, especially during a period of time when Hip-Hop commercial promotions were pretty much limited to gear and malt liquor (shouts to St. Ides).

Anyway, the folks over at The Press Play Show and DJ Mick Boogie put together this mixtape collection of classic MC songs, interludes, original music samples and brand new 2009 remakes of Hammer’s biggest hits (with folks like Mistah Fab, Izza Kizza, 6th Sense and Chip Tha Ripper, with others working with re-done verses by MC Hammer himself) called & Mick Boogie Present: Hammertime! Past, Present & Future (Hosted By MC Hammer).

Cop the mixtape download below and check out some vintage MC Hammer music videos, performances & interviews in the meantime...

Let folks know what you think of everything when you get a chance! :) & Mick Boogie Present: Hammertime! Past, Present & Future (Hosted By MC Hammer)
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1. Intro: TPPS & Hammer
2. Jackson 5: Dancin’ Machine
3. MC Hammer: Dancin’ Machine
4. Hammer Interlude Sugarhill Gang
5. Incredible Bongo Band: Apache
6. MC Hammer: Turn This Mutha Out
7. MC Hammer feat. Mistah FAB: Turn This Mutha Out 2009 (nVMe’s Mutha-Lover Mix)
8. Hammer Interlude George Clinton
9. George Clinton: Atomic Dog
10. MC Hammer: Pumps AndA Bump
11. Hammer Interlude Rick James
12. Rick James: Superfreak
13. MC Hammer: Can’t Touch This
14. MC Hammer feat. 6th Sense: Can’t Touch This (nVMe’sTouch Deez Mix)
15. Hammer Interlude Capitol
16. Chi-Lites: Have You Seen Her
17. MC Hammer: Have You Seen Her
18. Hammer Interlude Camper
19. MC Hammer: 2 Legit 2Quit
20. MC Hammer feat. Chip Tha Ripper: 2 Legit 2009 (Good Life Mike’s Chest Sweat Mix)
21. Hammer Interlude Advice
22. Prince: When Doves Cry
23. MC Hammer: Pray
24. The Press Play Show Outro Bonus: Stooge Playaz - Karmasutra (Hammer's new group)

Bonus Video #1: MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (Live on The Arsenio Hall Show)

Bonus Video #2: MC Hammer feat. Deion Sanders - Straight To My Feet

Bonus Video #3: Unseen RARE MC Hammer Video - LA Riots Response

Bonus Video #4: MC Hammer - Have You Seen Her

Bonus Video #5: A&E's "Hammertime" Reality TV Promo (featuring MC Hammer) (premieres June 14, 2009)

Bonus Video #6: Tweet-A-Thon 2009 Interview with MC Hammer


Hey Shae! said...

I'm not mad at'cha for using Hammer. Despite all the rah rah about his money situations and his pants or whatever, Hammer was a positive force in music. He employed a lot of people who may never have had the chance to perform or showcase their talents in large arenas, he put out positive music and that's more than I can say about 1/2 the people at the top of the charts today.