Video: "The Oprah Effect" Documentary

Good Tuesday Morning to our & FuseBox Radio Broadcast peoples! :)

I'm a VERY recent discoverer of Hulu to view TV shows, documentaries, movies and such on the computer, but have noticed they got a lot of interesting viewing up on there (that for now anyway, by the corporate powers of NBC Universal) to provoke some entertainment and thought.

One documentary that caught my eye during an extremely quiet day at the 9 to 5 was "The Oprah Effect", which focuses on TV host, billionaire & businesswoman Oprah Winfrey's impact & influence on promoting various companies, ideas, etc. to the masses through her media empire.

To be honest, I personally feel funny about Oprah.

Props are due for her struggle to get respect in the media field, which still has an extremely disproportionate amount of ANY People of Color doing it up big in this day and age. So for a Black Lady who was not born of privledge to get it in major & have folks sweating her status and power has undeniable inspirational value.

But she's one of many examples of what cost does one take (or who's pocket are you really in) to get "mainstream" acceptance. Especially since most of the time, "mainstream acceptance" doesn't usually lead to full on love or acceptance of so many sorts of people & mentalities (and in this day and age, it's almost anything Hip-Hop Generations related, positive or no).

Anyway, this joint is pretty fascinating to watch, especially since it shows how far these companies go to get some of that Oprah endorsement love (which comes up to be big money at the end of the day) - check it out and let folks know what you think! :)

Video: CNBC's "The Oprah Effect" Documentary