Music: J.Period & K'Naan - The Messengers (Episode 2: Bob Marley & Episode 3: Bob Dylan)

What's good everyone Wednesday Morning from the crew of and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Peoples! :)

I'm hitting heads up with today with the last two parts of "The Messengers" remix tribute music project by producer/DJ J. Period & independent/on the rise Hip-Hop MC K'naan .

"The Messengers" remix project is all based based on the music, activism, cultural impact and messages of 3 modern day music artists: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley & Bob Dylan.

After the tribute to Fela Kuti, the focus of these episodes are on Reggae Superstar Bob Marley & U.S. Folk Music Legend Bob Dylan.

Check out& listen to the free downloads of these issues of J.Period & K'Naan - The Messengers and let us know what you think!

J.Period & K'Naan - The Messengers (Episode 2: Bob Marley)
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1. Introduction to Bob Marley
2. Belly Full feat. Kardinal Offishal, Steele & Bajah (Messengers RMX)
3. War Through Poetry/Sun Is Shining (Interlude)
4. Shot the Sheriff (Messengers RMX)
5. Fighting a War (Interlude)
6. Johnny Was feat. Netic the Rebel (Messengers RMX)
7. Need You So (Wailers Interlude)
8. My Country/Small Axe (Messengers RMX)
9. Love Lights Burning (Interlude)
10. Fatima-Stir It Up (Messengers RMX)
11. Satisfy My Soul (Outro)

J.Period & K'Naan - The Messengers (Episode 3: Bob Dylan)
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1. Introduction to Bob Dylan
2. Rhythmic Poetry (Interlude)
3. Don't Think Twice (Messengers RMX)
4. No Great Message (Interlude)
5. 4th Time Around (Messengers RMX)
6. Voice of the Other Side (Interlude)
7. Lay Lady Lay (Intro)
8. Relationships Lay (Messengers RMX)
9. This Is a True Story (Interlude)
10. Hard Rain (Messengers RMX)
11. It's Alright, Ma (J.Period RMX - Bonus Track)

Bonus Mixtape: Mr Peter Parker Presents How Hard Do You Hustle? Vol. 7: K'Naan Live in Minneapolis (Download)

Bonus Music Video #1: Bob Marley - I Shot The Sheriff [LIVE]

Bonus Music Video #2: Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

Bonus Video: Highlights from J.Period & K’Naan in South Africa for K’Naan’s 2009 World Tour

J.Period, K'NAAN & Co. in South Africa for K'NAAN's World Tour 2009 from Truelements Music on Vimeo.