Music: Shinobi Ninja

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Wanted to share a bit of some great new Black Rock with y'all here at!

I first found out about Shinobi Ninja through the folks over at AfroPunk and after some direct contact via Twitter & going through some joints, have been digging them ever since, including dropping some airplay on the FuseBox Radio Broadcast.

Consisting of members Dave Aaron (Singer), Baby Girl (Singer), Maniac Mike (Guitar), Adriano Morez (Guitar), Terminator Dave (Drums) and DJ Axis, the New York City band representing Hells Kitchen does a mix of music with Hip Hop, Punk, Soul, R&B, and Metal influences.

Currently, their debut EP, Brooklyn to Babylon, is available for free download.

Grab it up below, give it a listen along with checking out some videos of Shinobi Ninja performing live and give some feedback on how folks feel about everything!

Shinobi Ninja - Brooklyn to Babylon EP

Download Link


1. Brooklyn to Babylon *
2. Jump To This
3. Rock Hood *
4. The Rain *
5. Stop!
6. Superstar
7. Back In The Daze *
8. Black Dreams
9. Superstar Edara Johnson RMX *

* personal favorite tracks

Bonus Music Video #1: Shinobi Ninja (Live at the Blender Theater in NYC - June 2009)

Bonus Music Video #2: Shinobi Ninja (Live at AfroPunk Music Festival 2009)

Bonus Music Video #3: Shinobi Ninja EPK

Bonus Music Video #4: Shinobi Ninja - Stop!! Motion Video

Shinobi Ninja Official Website