Music: The Going Way Back Show With Money B - The Message

What's the good word...while I'm in a blogging groove this morning (yay for the 9 to 5 being kinda slow right now while everyone's waiting to roll out early for Thanksgiving weekend) by hitting y'all up with a bit more of some of the great Black Radio shows & music audio representing the real over here on

Golden Era MC Money-B (best known as a part of the classic Hip-Hop groups Raw Fusion and Digital Underground) has been hosting the dope radio show, "The Going Way Back Show" via internet radio powerhouse for the about the past year, which has a focus on old school Hip-Hop & R&B music and interviews.

This week's episode of "The Going Way Back Show" makes folks ask a pretty legit question:

"Remember when hip hop was saying something?" (like literally ANYTHING of substance, especially on the mainstream airwaves in any percentage - Editor's note)

Give the show a listen & download them onto your mp3 player, computer, etc. whenever you get the chance - hope you enjoy everything! :)

The Going Way Back Show with Money B - The Message
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1. Intro - Money B
2. The Message - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5
3. Problems of the World Today - Fearless 4
4. Watch Rodger Do His Thing - Large Professor
5. Paid In Full - Eric B & Rakim
6. Express Yourself - N.W.A
7. Grand Verbalizer - X-Clan
8. Time To Say Peace - Poor Righteous Teachers
9. Break #2 - Money B
10. Soul Food - Goodie Mob
11. Positivity - Gang Starr
12. Love's Gonna Get You - Boogie Down Productions
13. Peace Treaty - Kam
14. Break #3 - Money B
15. Gettin' It - Too Short
16. Fight The Power - Public Enemy
17. Rap Summary - Lean On Me - Big Daddy Kane
18. Ghetto Bird - Ice Cube
19. Radio Activity Rapp - MC Frosty & Lovin' C
20. Survival - Grand Master Flash & The Furious 5
21. Outro - Money B

The Going Way Back Show with Money B Official Podcast Page
Money B's Official Website