Happy Black History Month 2010! (and 4 Dope Black History Documentary Videos to Watch)

What's good to our BlackRadioIsBack.com and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family!

Folks are a bit behind on new posts here on the site due to both work reasons (9 to 5 and some music project in the lab are hitting me HARD) as well as some personal reasons (my Mama had to get thyroid surgery but is now doing pretty well and some other fam issues), but now are back on track! :)

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Black History Month for 2010 (and for my U.K. Peoples, early wishes since y'all celebrate it in October)!

After a year into U.S. President Barack Obama's presidency, it's pretty damned obvious we're FAR from being in a "post-racial" America.

There is still an insane lack of complete acceptance of People of Black descent worldwide being human beings (see some of the still ignorant things said about the Haiti Earthquake tragedy on your local mainstream news channel), much less our positive contributions to the world throughout history.

As much as some - to be very nice - short-sighted people who always want to believe that everything is all good and wash away ANY distinguishing recognition of Blacks in America (especially so) and the Diaspora, Black History Month is still a vitally needed time for not just Black People, but people all over the United States and world to reflect not just on various individual's achievements from a Paul Robeson to Malcolm X or Fannie Lou Hamer to Sojouner Truth, but on our basic commonalities as human beings.

EVERYONE can be proud of their various ethnic and cultural heritages (otherwise, why would there be things like Hispanic History Month, Women's History Month, etc.) and the struggles groups of people have made since the beginning of time to grow and have it not be a threat to those who are secure in themselves.

The diverse contributions of Black Culture from all over the African Diaspora (political, academic, artistic, etc.) to the world should be celebrated and acknowledged all day, everyday - not just for a regulated 28 days a year (or 29 on a leap year). :)

Here are just a few resources for Black History Month for everyone to check out as well as some pretty cool documentaries and short videos off the beaten path available for viewing free on the web to jump the month of right this decade...hope y'all enjoy them!

The Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History

African Holocaust: Celebrating History And Culture


The Hidden Truth of Black History

Black History on BBC 1Xtra - Timeline, Videos, Documentaries And Info On U.K. Music

Black History Month Wikipedia Listing

History.com Black History Month Site

Celebrate Black History Month With Biography Channel

CNN Black History Month Timeline

BlackRadioIsBack.com Video #1: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Discusses Sit-In Demonstrations on NBC's "Meet The Press" TV Program (aired April 17, 1960)

BlackRadioIsBack.com Video #2: Amos 'n' Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy

BlackRadioIsBack.com Video #3: Speakers for the Dead

Description via NFB:
This documentary reveals some of the hidden history of Blacks in Canada. In the 1930s in rural Ontario, a farmer buried the tombstones of a Black cemetery to make way for a potato patch.

In the 1980s, descendants of the original settlers, Black and White, came together to restore the cemetery, but there were hidden truths no one wanted to discuss. Deep racial wounds were opened.

Scenes of the cemetery excavation, interviews with residents and re-enactments--including one of a baseball game where a broken headstone is used for home plate--add to the film's emotional intensity.

BlackRadioIsBack.com Video #4: Jimi (documentary on musician Jimi Hendrix)