Video: NY Comic Con 2010 Panels (Plus Pictures!)


And now, and FuseBox Radio Broadcast supporters & whatnot, here's even MORE video from the past month or two from the archives to share... :)

This year in October was the first time we rolled out to New York Comic Con to see what was up with the world renown event.

We got the first peek at a lot of the movie, music, cartoon, video game and comic book premiers for 2010 and beyond, found out a bit of what is going on with the indie & major distributor + artist scenes all over the world, the business of comics in entertainment, how REALLY into comics & anime some folk are (the answer by the costumes & conversations we had...VERY) and other good stuff.

Overall the event was a real good time - no strange vibes or attitudes were amongst the literal thousands of people at Jacob Javits Center throughout that Columbus Day weekend, cool information, comic & toys were grabbed up* and a lot of great info & fun was shared by all.

Anyway, below is our FuseBox Radio Broadcast/ picture slideshow and panel video we captured during the 3 day event...lay back, watch, relax and enjoy! :)

* Just trying to find a hotel in northern New Jersey - much less New York - without selling my first born & rights to my future children - was utterly insane because of the sheer numbers of people coming to the event - thanks a LOT to Priceline for not having the crew stay at some No Name Boondocks Hotel somewhere during some last minute room booking snafus on our end.

** Hey, I was at NY COMIC CON...HAD to cop something ;)

FuseBox Radio Broadcast/ NY Comic Con 2010 Picture SlideShow:

Video: Stan Lee (Marvel Comics/POW Ent.) & Ne-Yo (Def Jam/R&B Artist): NY Comic Con 2010
Most Random Combination of the entire weekend of events - Stan Lee (Marvel Comics, POW Entertainment) & Ne-Yo (Def Jam/R&B Artist) talking about comic books, upcoming projects, music, joking (Stan Lee constantly calling Ne-Yo a rapper...heh) and more during a panel promoting Ne-Yo's LibraScale album and comic book influenced music video series for his singles...

Stan Lee (Marvel Comics/POW Ent.) & Ne-Yo (Def Jam/R&B Artist): NY Comic Con 2010 from Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion) on Vimeo.

Video: Panel - Kickstart Your Project! (NY Comic Con 2010)

This is the panel was done by during this year's NY Comic Com 2010 - good info in general is imparted for creatives who want to utilize the website to raise microfunding for their projects.

Offiicial Panel Description:

Whether you're an indie comic creator, writer, filmmaker, or game designer, producing and self-publishing your own creative work can be a Herculean task!

More and more, independent artists are turning to as a place to not only raise funding for their projects, but as a unique way to build fan support and reach out to new communities.

Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler will be on hand, while panelists Jamie Tanner (Aviary), James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot of Blinkworks Media (Indie Game: The Movie), and Courtney Zell (The Wonder City) will discuss their extraordinary Kickstarter campaigns.

NY Comic Con 2010: Panel - Kickstart Your Project! from Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion) on Vimeo.
New York Comic Con Official Website:

Props to our special NJ/NYC correspondent Walter Conley aka W.I.C. for handing some of the video, writing and picture taking duties during NY Comic Con this year!!