What is REALLY going on with Mainstream Media's Portrayal of Black People & the Hip-Hop Generation in General? Some Good Info...

As I’m sure most people know, the state of Black people's portrayals in media (whether via consistent negative portrayals in the mainstream media aka MSM, the lack of People of Color who own or are employed different forms of media outlets, some actual Black-Owned outlets just straight up slacking, etc.) is at a modern day low.

Whether via TV, magazines, radio or newspapers, fewer people have the access to a medium that is supposed to represent them & multiple viewpoints.

Why does it seem that you hear the same songs, see the same videos and multiple clones of TV programming all of the time?

It’s due to how are media is set up.

After all, whoever controls the media controls the people at large.
The Internet - essentially the 21st century printing press more & more people are able to access everyday - is being lined up next to by various companies and interests to segregate people from diverse information, editorial and entertainment as well.

Just check out what's happened about a week ago with the 80+ websites that were shut down by Homeland Security/ICE for "copyright infringement" without any warrants or warnings, such as OnSmash.com and more on the Hip-Hop news, culture & entertainment ends that were working damn near hand in hand with major labels for permission to distribute & promote some of their material.

Finding out is media power is structured in our various countries and why it needs reform is a vital question we all have to look at to properly battle any of the injustices that are occurring from the outside and the inside at all angles.

The awesome non-profit media democracy organization Free Press has a few excellent documents that summarize these issues in a straight & too the point manner for media issues here in the United States that are VERY worthy for anyone interested in this subject matter to check out...

PLEASE feel free to read, print & distribute them ALL and read the other links! Let us know what you think!

Minority Media Ownership “A National Disgrace” (1 page PDF flyer – download)

Media Is Not A Partisan Issue (1 page PDF flyer – download)

Net Neutrality Fact Sheet (1 page PDF flyer – download)

Who Owns The Media in Washington, DC? (1 page PDF flyer - download)

Who Owns The Media in Chicago? (1 page PDF flyer – download)

Low Power FM Factsheet (1 page PDF flyer – download)

Media Policy 101 booklet (20 Page PDF file – download)
Learn the nuts and bolts of media policy so you can change the system. From the role of Congress and the Federal Communications Commission in crafting policy to the laws that govern the public airwaves, everything you need to know about media rulemaking and regulation is here in this booklet.
Media Reform Action Guide (68 page PDF file – download)
This 68-page booklet is an essential primer for changing the media. Filled with useful tools, it gives step-by-step instructions on everything from mobilizing your community and monitoring your local media to advocating for national policy changes.
Let’s have more of an idea of exactly WHAT we’re fighting against so we can at least understand and battle things in the best way possible to win against dry and sometimes harmful media in the world.

Free Press Official Website: http://www.FreePress.net


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