FuseBox Radio Broadcast for the Week of July 24, 2013 [Flashback Episode]

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This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of July 24, 2013 (originally aired on May 13, 2009) with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

This flashback episode's commentary focused on the absurd bill that Rep. John Conyers (Democrat - Michagan) is trying to pass through the U.S. Congress called HR848, that if it passes, will have various NEW music costs are passed on to all sorts of FM radio station owners, with the high possibility that great deal of Black-owned Radio Stations (and just regular radio station period) to shut down due to various economic issues. We talked about the potential impact this could have culturally in the U.S. for not just the Black Community, but for the music community at large from music artists, to listeners and others.

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We also had a great interview with independent Hip-Hop MC, producer, graphic artist & activist Ravage the MeccaGodzilla (http://www.meccagodzilla.com).

We covered everything from Ravage's influences, being one of the founders of G.A.ME (the Grassroots Artists MovEment) in NYC, his history with the music industry from being a member of the supercollective Monsta Island Czars (MF Doom, MF Grimm, etc.) and beyond, Ravage's vision of the growth of Hip-Hop & where it needs to go, his latest album project (the "Erroars" production LP) & upcoming music situation, the international scene and more!

We do had a Black Agenda Report segment but no new Direct EFX segement this week.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast over at our official blog, BlackRadioIsBack.com - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist & Charts for Week July 24, 2013 (originally broadcast on of May 13, 2009)

Top Spins (Music Still Lasting in Rotation/Music Played Live on Air Each Week/As Well As Music Requested By The Listeners

1. MC Lyte feat. Charles Hamilton/Loading/White Label (Played Live)
2. Jadakiss feat. OJ the Juiceman & Swizz Beats/Who's Real/D-Block & Def Jam (Played Live) 3. Mistah F.A.B./No 420/Thizz Ent. (Played Live)
4. Thad Reid/Do My Thang/ThadReid.com (Played Live)
5. Nikki Lynette/Oooh Mommy/MySpace.com White Label (Played Live)
6. The Clipse feat. Kanye West/Kinda A Big Deal/Columbia (Played Live)
7. KRS-One & Buckshot/Robot/Duckdown (Played Live)
8. Serius Jones/Ain't It True/White Label (http://www.GetSerius.com) (Played Live)
9. Ravage/Tracks from the "Erroars" LP (Follow, UrFuked, Monsta eyez, Asian Sensation, Lunch Room 1996, Mystery of Mina, Untitled, Erroar Echo, Magma, Awokenbeethoven, G.O.D.2, Prophecy Pleaze, Stopit 2004, Halozzz, Mic Avengers, Nihon Fast, 8 Bit, Genesis)/RavageNRumble.com (Played Live)
10. M. Beezy/It's Hard (Hard Times)/Low Key Key & Flatbroke (http://www.myspace.com/mbeezy12) (Top Song Requested)
11. Chrisette Michelle/Notebook/Def Jam (Top Song Requested)
12. Tanya Morgan/So Damn Down/Interdependent Media (Top Song Requested)
13. AmDex feat. DT Laws/Older & Wiser/Domination Recordings (Top Song Requested)
14. Mr. Scruff feat. Pete Simpson/This Way/Ninja Tune (Top Song Requested)
15. Bobby Creekwater feat. Stat Quo & Sandman/Trying To Make It/BGOV (Top Song Requested) 16. Chester French/She Loves Everybody/Star Trak (Top Song Requested)
17. Busta Rhymes feat. Spliff Star & Show Money/I'm Back/Flipmode, Violator & Universal Motown (Top Song Requested)
18. Jim Snooka/Kill 'Em All/Never So Deep Records (Top Song Requested)
19. Chrisette Michelle/Notebook/Def Jam (Top Song Requested)
20. Lokixximo & DJ Mesta/Noche Europea (inst.)/Lokixximo Music (Top Song Requested)
21. Atiba/Hey Lady/Slip-N-Slide Records (Top Song Requested)
22. Kool Rock-Ski of The Fat Boys feat. Jay-Z/Can We Talk/Uncle Louie Records (Top Song Requested) 23. T. Plezya/Blinded (Beauty)/White Label (http://www.myspace.com/tplezya) (Top Song Requested)
24. Deam feat. Big Daddy Kane/State Your Game/R.A.P. Agency (Top Song Requested)
25. Madam Madon/Benning Rd. Bomber/Black Opx Ent. (http://www.myspace.com/madammadon) (Top Song Requested)

Top Adds (New Joints Played Live On This Week's Broadcast):

1. Reflection Eternal/Back Again/Blacksmith Records
2. Ravage/Metsu Anasatsuken09/RavageNRumble.com
3. Brisco feat. Busta Rhymes & Flo Rida/You Know What I'm Talking About/Poe Boy
4. The Jacka/Feat. Andre Nickantina/Glamourous Lifestyle/SMC & TearGas61609.com 
5. E The Hip-Hop & R&B Rockstar/U Like Me/FaceMen Kartel & PhatCats Ent
6. LMFAO/Yes/Universal Motown
7. Katia Cadet aka Babykat/Get It Started/Sequence Records
8. Bishop Lamont/Friends/Aftermath
9. Jazmine Sullivan/Dream Big/J Records
10. Wordsmith & Chubb Rock/Old 2 The New/Wordwise

Publishing Flashback Joints On Blast On The Air This Week (Put Together By Jon Judah & DJ Fusion of The FuseBox Radio, some joints we haven't played in a while on the show - weeks, months, years - or just wanted to reminisce on):

DJ Fusion Flashback Tracks:

Pharcyde/The Rubbers Song/Red Hot Organization

PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more MySpace.com Independent Music Finds

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