The Latest FuseBox Radio Broadcast + Oh Hell Nawl (OHN!) + Where's My 40 Acres (WM40A) = #NMT Album Reviews!

My cool as hell OHN Staff Pic as done by Slaus Caldwell - DJ Fusion

 Good Sunday Afternoon from DJ Fusion & FuseBox Radio Broadcast family!

One of the great things folks been doing for the past few years is being a part of the awesome OHN (O Hell Nawl!) music writing staff and dropping reviews on various mainstream and independent Hip-Hop & Soul Music albums.

Just wanted to catch up on the latest album reviews I've written/guest album review podcasts I've been on as of late with awesome OHN (O Hell Nawl!) music writing staff and some review podcasts in conjunction with our fam over at Where's My 40 Acres - visit their sites, read up/listen, comment, support and enjoy!