International Champions Cup 2014: Manchester United vs. Inter Milan FuseBox Radio Broadcast x Pictures

On July 29, 2014, the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast and family was able to go down to FedEx Field to cover this year's International Champions Cup match between world-renown soccer teams Manchester United vs. Inter Milan

Even at about 4:30 pm (the time we headed over there via the Metro to get our press passes, do check-in and such), there was an insanely huge crowd waiting at all open stadium doors to watch what was bound to be an exciting 90 minutes of futbol in about 2 and 1/2 hours, especially post-World Cup and on a sunny Tuesday summer evening.

Soccer is growing in popularity here in the States and while it's still not as popular as it is in other countries, the die-hard fans were in full effect with their gear, signs and chants.  While Manchester United had about a 3 to 1 upper hand with representation via jerseys, T-Shirts, etc., Inter Milan's fans held it down as well throughout the night.

The 60,000+ audience  steadily filled up the station before the game began and during halftime, with random Hip-Hop, Pop & Soul instrumentals & songs (including Dr. Dre's "Still D.R.E", what's becoming an extremely omnipresent sonic earworm "Happy" by Pharrell, Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and more) rolling through FedEx Field's speakers.  

Snacks, souvenirs & beer were selling like crazy with the "we're cool, but we don't play at ALL if s*** goes down" professional security at the stadium (including P.G. County Police) watched over everything so the crowd would not get anywhere near stereotypical soccer rowdiness.  The most crazy it got during the entire game was a few rounds of "The Wave"...literally.

When everything got started, there was some world class athleticism & skill going down from both teams on the field (which shows why they rank so highly in their leagues and beyond consistently through the years), with excellent hardcore defense from both teams that literally left the game scoreless to the end, with Manchester United winning the match after penalty kicks 5 - 3.

Overall, the match was a great & safe time for all and a pretty cool opportunity to see some world class teams in the sport do their best for a U.S. audience live (and for us soccer fans, not having to scramble to a live feed or cable TV station near you.

Here ares some pictures of the International Champions Cup teams and audience during practice - hope y'all enjoy them! 

 ** All pictures & video taken by Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio Broadcast) under a "Creative Commons Attribution - No Derivatives" license. Please feel free to use & share them if you wish with attribution/credit to the photographer (besides these pictures, more our at the official FuseBox Radio Broadcast's Flickr Page and Behance/Prosite Page) ... thank you! **