Baltimore Comic Con 2014: FuseBox Radio Broadcast x Pictures

During the weekend of September 4, 2014, the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast and family was able to go down to the Baltimore Convention Center to cover a day this year's Baltimore Comic Con, where there were a ton of awesome panels, artists, vendors and more on deck to highlight all sorts of facets of popular culture - comic books, movies, film, etc. - on the business and fun ends to celebrate their 15 years of existence.

Here are some pictures of the various cosplayers and more that were on the floor and beyond at this year's event - hope y'all enjoy them! 

 ** All pictures taken by Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio Broadcast) under a "Creative Commons Attribution - No Derivatives" license. Please feel free to use & share them if you wish with attribution/credit to the photographer (besides these pictures, more our at the official FuseBox Radio Broadcast's Flickr Page and Behance/Prosite Page) ... thank you! **